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04th Mar, '06 - added poetry (Sketches, Peter, Valentine's Love), added art ("Le Matin")

22nd Nov, '05 - added poetry (Gaze)

18th Oct, '05 - updated web/graphic design portfolio, updated art, updated creator, new server

12th Sep, '05 - updated art page with new layout and thumbnails. Finally added photography page with many photographs!

17th Aug, '05 - wrote own guestbook script after getting tired of others' scripts messing up my skins. Moved guestbook entries to database.

15th Aug, '05 - added poetry (1-2-3 and Herstory). Added excerpts to all writing pages. Some major database updates

15th Jun, '05 - added poetry (Your Stars Burn Bright and Free)

30th Apr, '05 - updated creator

27th Jan, '05 - added essays (The Gregorian Reforms)

29th Dec, '04 - added skins (Avalon), added essays (Westminster Model vs. Semi-Presidentialism: How Effective is the French Government As a Modern Democracy? and Political and Economic Legacies: Living in the Shadows of Mao and Stalin)

02nd Dec, '04 - added poetry (Road Song), added sounds (When She Loved Me)

18th Sep, '04 - new guestbook

17th Sep, '04 - added essays (Purple Nights)

16th Sep, '04 - added skins (Swing, Baby!!!, Yeah. (Dedicated to Evie.), and Spy games, anyone?), added essays (Safety from Rogue States or a Waste of Time?, University of California Personal Statement, and Varying Rhythms)

15th Sep, '04 - new layout, moved site to PHP, developed skins, added about, added web/graphic design portfolio, updated old layouts, updated links

10th May, '04 - added sounds (May It Be)

13th Feb, '04 - added art (The Tango Lesson (pencil) and La Lutte de Jacob avec l'Ange (pencil))

27th Dec, '03 - added poetry ("Tellement d'étoiles!"), added art ("Tellement d'étoiles!" (acrylic))

02nd Nov, '03 - updated stories (Search for the Sun)

13th Oct, '03 - forums (Les Cafés Littéraires) now open!

29th Sep, '03 - added art (Welcome to the Package Deal (digital photo manipulation)), added sounds (Hallelujah, I Love Him So!)

25th Sep, '03 - new domain (http://www.eternal-waves.com), please update your bookmarks!

22nd Sep, '03 - updated my sites page, added poetry (Rain Tapping)

16th Sep, '03 - updated sights

22nd Aug, '03 - added prose (Un Rêve)

19th Aug, '03 - added rings page and replaced link of THE with it, updating photos pages

18th Aug, '03 - won Art Space 2000 World Web Award (linked below), added updates' frame, added poetry (Gifted), updated links (fun, magazine, Christian, design, friends, humanitarian, and art)

05th Aug, '03 - added prose (Clay Elf), added poetry (Touching Water), updated prose (Ma Crainte)

30th Jul, '03 - added another screen resolution

28th Jul, '03 - new layout, under development

28th Jun, '03 - added prose (Goodbye)

19th Jun, '03 - added journals (Journal Entry - Dec. 28, 2002, from which I took the phrase "I Saw Tonight")

17th May, '03 - added poetry ("Shall I point fingers")

11th May, '03 - added poetry ("She came in winter")

19th Apr, '03 - added poetry (Hello Daddy), added art (Daisy Buchanan (oekaki) and Sumi (oekaki)), added flash intro

11th Feb, '03 - added poetry (Word Rape)

28th Jan, '03 - added poetry (Gray)

29th Dec, '02 - new layout

28th Dec, '02 - added journals (Journal Entry - Dec. 26, 2002)

23rd Dec, '02 - added poetry (Kept and Janet)

15th Nov, '02 - added prose (Ma Crainte), added poetry (Awaken)

18th Oct, '02 - added poetry (Honesty?)

13th Oct, '02 - added poetry (Return)

02nd Oct, '02 - fixed art page

01st Oct, '02 - updated links

30th Sep, '02 - new layout, apologies for transition time, some pages down

19th Sep, '02 - added poetry (Release and Untitled), updated art page

01st Sep, '02 - added journals (Journal Entry - Aug. 22, 2002, might explain the whole background to that, someday)

15th Aug, '02 - updated links (Christian)

14th Aug, '02 - added links page, changed format of poetry page

13th Aug, '02 - added poetry (What's This?), changed to "mask" layout, added old layouts page

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You may contact me if you want to use any of my content by emailing me and stating in whatever derivative works that the content was taken from me. Permission is not required if any of the photos in my galleries are taken to be edited and incorporated in some artwork or a design in such a way that the final product bears little resemblance to the original photo.

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